Established in 1998, Beijing Easpring Material Technology Co., Ltd. (Referred to as ‘Easpring’) has gradually developed into a leading company in LIB material industry with independent innovation, achievement transformation and industry operation integrated into one. Easpring is the prst domestic listed company with lithium battery materials as its main business, and is known as the industry technology leader.

Easpring has the prst ‘National Certiped Enterprise Technology Center’in the lithium cathode materials industry, as well as the ‘National Technology Innovation Demonstration Enterprise’and ‘National Intellectual Property Rights Demonstration Enterprise’ and other innovation platforms. It has established the New Energy Materials Research Institute focusing on the frontierresearch of key materials for high speci?c energy batteries, the Lithium New Materials Research Institute dedicated to the transformation and product development of achievements, and the Lith-ium Material Engineering Technology Research Institute focusing on the development of process equipment and intelligent manufacturing technology, forming a technological innovation system covering the whole business ?eld, the whole process and the vertical integration.The company's scienti?c research and technical personnel account for 1/4 of the total number of employees, with a national talents, the State Council special government allowance experts, capital science and technology leading talents, Beijing science and technology stars and other high-level technical personnel led by the industry in?uence of the scienti?c research team.

Easpring's products mainly include high-energy lithium-ion battery cathode materials, sodium-ion battery cathode materials, widely used in the ?elds of EV, ESS, and IT etc. The company has developed six product series with completely independent intellectual property rights, including NCM(A), LFP, LFMP, key materials for SSB, LCO, and cathode material for SIB. Easpring's comprehensive technical performance is in a world leading position, and its products are supplied in large quantities to lithium battery customers and EV enterprises in China, Japan, South Korea,Europe,the United States and other countries and regions, and its market share of overseas high-end EV battery materials continues to maintain advantages. Adhering to the development concept of ‘high-end, intelligent and green’, the company accelerates the application of new green technologies, and takes the lead in independently designing and building intelligent demonstration factories for lithium cathode materials industry.

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